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At Flywheels Embedded Research Private Limited, we are dedicated to the world of embedded systems, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and connecting the future. Our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions that bring ideas to life.

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We cater to all aspects of Social Life. From Soil to Space we have a technological Solution.

Comprehensive Hardware Design

Our embedded hardware IoT solutions are backed by comprehensive hardware design, ensuring that your connected devices and sensors are built for reliability and performance.

Enhanced IoT Security

We prioritize your IoT network’s security with robust encryption, authentication, and constant monitoring, ensuring your connected devices are protected from potential threats.

Real-Time Access to IoT Devices

Gain immediate access to your IoT devices and sensors, enabling you to monitor and control them in real-time, ensuring your embedded hardware IoT solutions are always at your fingertips.

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  • Expertise: With years of experience, our team comprises the industry’s best talents, driven by a passion for innovation.
  • Innovation: We’re not just keeping up with industry trends; we’re setting them.
  • Reliability: You can count on us to deliver quality, on time, every time.
  • Client-Centric: Your success is our priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure it.

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