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Industrial Asset Management with Flywheels Industrial IoT

At Flywheels Industrial IoT, we bring a wide range of capabilities to the forefront of plant Industrial Asset Management. Our solutions empower businesses to monitor and control various critical aspects, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance across diverse operations.

Key Capabilities

Diesel Generator Monitoring and Control

Efficiently manage and monitor Diesel Generators, ensuring reliable power backup when needed. Our system provides real-time insights into generator status and enables remote control for seamless operation.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Keep a close eye on fuel levels in tanks, ensuring that your operations never face interruptions due to fuel shortages. Our monitoring system provides accurate and timely data for efficient fuel management.

EB or DG Power Activation

Take control of power sources with the ability to activate EB (Electricity Board) or Diesel Generator power as needed. Enhance flexibility and responsiveness in managing energy sources based on demand.

STP/ETP Flow Monitoring

Monitor and control flow in Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP). Ensure optimal performance and compliance with environmental regulations by managing flow efficiently.

Water Management

Efficiently manage water resources with our water management capabilities. Monitor usage, detect leaks, and optimize water distribution for sustainable and responsible water management.

Inner Production Process Monitoring and Control

Gain insights into the inner workings of the production process. Monitor and control critical parameters to optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance overall productivity.

Machinery Monitoring and Control using Automated Meter Reading

Implement automated meter reading for machinery, ensuring accurate data collection and efficient monitoring. Proactively address issues, schedule maintenance, and optimize machinery performance.

Supervisor Control Options in with Industrial Asset Management

Empower supervisors with multiple control options tailored to their preferences:

  • Standalone Control Panel: A physical control panel for on-site supervision and management.
  • Software Dashboard: An intuitive and comprehensive software dashboard for remote monitoring and control.
  • Mobile Phone Push Notifications: Receive real-time notifications on mobile devices, ensuring supervisors stay informed and responsive regardless of their location.

Enhance Your Plant’s Efficiency with Industrial Asset Management

Flywheels Industrial IoT is committed to revolutionizing the plant’s Industrial Asset Management. Our capabilities empower businesses to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Contact Us to explore how Flywheels can tailor a plant’s Industrial Asset Management solution to meet your specific needs and drive your business forward.

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