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Unleash the power of connectivity with Flywheels. Our innovative solutions pave the way for a future where devices, data, and experiences seamlessly come together.

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Intelligent Automation

Experience a new era of convenience through intelligent automation. From smart homes to industrial processes, we redefine connectivity with smart solutions

Secure and Reliable

Your privacy and security are our top priorities. Our robust systems ensure a secure and reliable connection, giving you peace of mind in a connected world

Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or an industry leader, our scalable solutions adapt to your needs. Future-proof your connectivity with Flywheels

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  • Smart Home Solution

    Smart Home Solutions – Shift to Featuristic Future Discover the pinnacle of modern living with our Smart Home and Home Energy Management Systems. We seamlessly integrate technology with sustainability practices, transforming your living space into an energy-efficient sanctuary. Embrace the assurance of uninterrupted power supply through Solar Energy, ensuring reliability while reducing your carbon footprint.…

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  • Automated Meter Reading

    Automated Meter Reading – Leading the Way in Sustainable Automation At Flywheels, we are committed to transforming the landscape of utility management with cutting-edge technology. Our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solutions are not just innovations; they are pathways to sustainability, efficiency, and cost reduction. Get in Touch Power of Automated Meter Reading Flywheels introduces an…

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  • Water Management system

    In a world where water conservation is crucial, Flywheels’ IoT-based Water Management System is a game-changer. With real-time monitoring, it optimizes water distribution and prevents wastage. Phase fault detection and mobile notifications ensure safety and efficiency. Join us as we explore a sustainable future for water management with Flywheels.

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  • Smart Street Light Control

    In a world where efficient street lighting is essential for safety and energy conservation, Flywheels’ Centralized Control and Management System (CCMS) stands out. This intelligent system offers remote control for multiple lights, real-time monitoring, and safety features like phase fault detection. It ensures efficient energy use, reduces waste, and keeps you informed with mobile notifications.…

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  • True Astronomical Timer

    True Astronomical Timer When it comes to precise lighting control that operates in sync with the natural rhythms of day and night, our Astronomical Timer is the answer. Designed with a focus on accuracy and reliability, this timer is engineered to calculate sunrise and sunset times, making it the ideal choice for applications that require…

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1000+ customers Benefitted

Flywheels IoT has transformed my home into a smart haven. The Smart Home Hub seamlessly connects all my devices, providing a centralized and intuitive control system. It’s like having a personal assistant at home! Flywheels has truly set the standard for smart home solutions.

Paula W

Smart Home Enthusiast

As an Operations Manager, I was looking for a reliable solution to monitor and enhance our industrial processes. Flywheels’ Industrial Sensors exceeded our expectations. The real-time data insights and scalability of the system have significantly boosted efficiency and productivity. It’s a game-changer for the industry

David R

Industrial Operations Manager

Flywheels’ Water Management solution has played a crucial role in our efforts for sustainable water usage. The system’s precision in monitoring and controlling water resources has significantly contributed to our conservation initiatives. Flywheels IoT is not just about technology; it’s about making a positive impact on the environment

Chris L

Environmental Conservationist

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